Welcome to my own little world!

Hello to everyone reading this!

My name is Petzi(h) and I am a teenage girl from central Europe. I decided to dedicate this blog “BellaVita” to my very own interests and thoughts.

Keeping in mind that there are already tons of fashion and beauty bloggers out there in the World Wide Web, I would like to add a slight twist to my page. My interests lie in fashion and beauty as well as in music and poetry. Therefore, it is my personal aim to spread my art of words and favourite melodies among all of you reading this and maybe inspire you!

Another thing worth featuring on my blog is travelling. Who of you isn’t desperately feeling wanderlust? The urge to see the world and new cultures? For me, travelling is one of the most precious and adventurous things I can possibly do, so I will present you my dream destinations and travel goals as well.

I very much hope that there is something included for everyone!

I would consider myself very happy to get some feedback or further ideas! For now I want to wish you all a happy week!