Il Volo

Hello everyone – I hope you all have a fabulous Easter time!

To change things up a bit I would like to present you one of my favourite musicgroups today, which is “Il Volo”! For all of you who don’t like lyric and operatic – ish music, this blogpost is probably not of much interest, but for those who want to listen to something new it’s perfect. So let’s get to it!

“Il Volo” is an Italian music group of three singers – Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. They are in their early 20ies and have already been making music together for almost 6 years. As I already mentioned, they don’t produce mainstream songs, but focus on “operatic pop/rock”, as they state themselves.

You may even know their most successful song “Grande Amore”, which they sang at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 for Italy. They even became third! Currently, they are on tour in America, in summer they will be touring around Europe and last winter they had their big Italy tour. I also attended one concert in Padova in January and it was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve made! As for me, I really enjoy listening to Italian songs because I love this melodic language, so I found the concert especially amazing.

In case I got you interested – here are the links to my absolute favourite songs of them… just lean back and enjoy!

“Grande Amore” –

“L’amore si muove” –

“Per te ci saró” –


Enjoy your week!

xx Petzi


Winter favourites 2015/16

It’s the time of the year when flowers slowly start to blossom again, when we are woken up by singing birds and when we can finally go out again without freezing despite ten layers of clothes. It’s spring!

So I want to start to pack away many wintery things I used a lot throughout this season and by doing that I also want to show you my absolute faves I had during the last months. There will be a lot of beauty-ish products, along with fashion and music. Enjoy!

(I will add a link to every product, if available online. This post is not sponsored.)


Burt’s Bees lipbalm with blueberry and dark chocolate2016-03-09 21.19.03

I bought this product a year ago but I wasn’t too keen on using it for quite a long time. I rediscovered it this winter and I have to admit it’s great! I really like the texture, it’s very smooth on the lips and doesn’t get them sticky. The only thing I do not really enjoy about it is its smell, as it’s quite intense and sweet. However, I usually use it before going to bed, it moisturizes and smoothes my lips perfectly – which is especially important in winter – and leaves a nice, revitalizing feeling.

Find online:

Price: about 4€


Malu Wilz lipstick in Wild Honey Rosé (Nr. 102)

2016-03-09 21.16.18

Before buying this product I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I wore the lipstick for my prom and I was amazed by how long it lasted on my lips! It did not dry them, nor smudge and it even stayed on after eating and drinking. During winter it became my go – to – lipstick because of its nice slighlty corally – nude colour, which adds a pop of brightness to a simple, bald winter makeup.

Find online: (looks darker on the photo)

Price: 12, 50€


HASK Argan Oil deep conditioner2016-03-09 21.19.50

Especially during winter my hair tends to be very frizzy and dry, so I decided to treat it with a deep conditioner. I’ve heard about the positive effects of argan oil on hair before, so I opted for this product and I was amazed after first trying it! My hair is mid – length and one packaging lasts me for about 3 washes, normally I apply it once a week. It makes my hair really soft and shiny, not even blow drying does any damage to it. Definately stocking up on this!

Find online:

Price: about 2, 80€


The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

2016-03-09 21.18.03

This is a smaller sample of the original product, which I bought in summer. I used it a lot especially in autumn when I gradually lost my tan and I know that as soon as I am pale again, my skin gets very dry. This body butter is perfect for dry skin, it is not oily yet nourishes perfectly and dimineshes within a few seconds.

Find online:

Price: about 7€


Naketano Sweater2016-03-09 21.20.59

I bought this piece of clothing in autumn because I really enjoyed the slightly off – blue colour and the anchor print on it. The material is the SOFTEST thing I’ve ever felt and it keeps you perfectly warm even though it’s quite thin. This sweater is definately a basic yet unique piece in my wardrobe and I’m also going to wear it on cooler spring days!

Find similar ones online:

Price: 45€


Music: IlVolo, Emis Killa, Tom Rosenthal

Musicwise I enjoy so many different genres and I have a feeling that my taste changes from month to month. At the beginning of winter I was absolutely fangirling about “Il Volo”, an italian group of three singers who are doing operatic pop. (Keep your eyes peeled – blogpost is coming soon!) Around New Year I felt like trying something new, so I started listening to Italian rap music and oh my word – I enjoyed it so much! Emis Killa is the absolute best and I felt like listening to his songs 24/07 in January and February. However, towards the mid of February I had enough of these genres and for some reason I had quite a sad and slightly lovesick time. I found Tom Rosenthal on Spotify and his songs matched my mood perfectly, so I majorly enjoyed listening to his songs which eventually – for whatever reason – made me feel better again!


I am really looking forward to spring and trying out new things now! Have a great time everyone!

xoxo Petzih